Sprayers Plus is still relatively new to the industry but the history behind the name dates back more than 30 years. The initial working group that formed Sprayers Plus came from the best in quality sprayer manufacturing, premium power equipment manufacturers and a new state of the art manufacturing facility. This team of industry experts developed a strategic plan after an intense evaluation of the products available to the market at the time along with end users, retailers and supply chain collaboration.

With a clear understanding of the market needs, our team began the development of a new line of high end products that would cover a broad spectrum of applications for the professional landscape, agricultural, industrial and construction markets as well as for the discriminating DIY. In the years since the first Sprayers Plus sprayers were delivered to end users, the brand has become a market leader in the industry it serves. The company continues to grow as its reputation for best-in-class sprayers spreads along with the introduction of new models for more markets.