A grand provider of generators, wheel loaders, transporters and industrial handling equipment, Kipor intends to serve its community through quality services, wide-ranging product distributions and a dedication to high-quality options. Providing technical support, authorized dealer locators and a great selection, Kipor has been a priority selection among both industry professionals and new entrants and their products are available through Steven Willand Inc.

Kipor has been a leading provider and manufacturer of Prime, Portable and Standby power solutions since 1998. Responsible for solutions ranging between .770k to 3.3Megawatt standards, Kipor is highly regarded as an industry leader capable of manufacturing quality engine components, control systems and alternators.

As per historical attributions, Kipor continuously delivers in multiple ways: Its commitment to a growing support network has expanded its attributions to outdoor power equipment, RV, rental, hardware and industrial markets. A leading, growing distributor of portable generators, Kipor’s accessibility is unparalleled, and its new market entries ensure satisfaction and new opportunities for industry decision makers.

SWI is a proud Kipor provider, and its facilitation for innovative, up-to-date and industry-leading products guarantees new leaps for power professionals, providers and service experts.

Kipor guarantees quality, portable power solutions, and its been highly regarded as an industry favorite for those requiring ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability. SWI Distribution carries Kipor’s finest products?anging from provisions capable of offering both reliable performance and serviceability. Kipor’s easy-to-use construction designs warrants its products within the industry. SWI Distribution accommodates for the following Kipor products:

  • Light towers
  • Generators
  • Transporters
  • Tillers
  • Engines
  • Pumps

Kipor is a time-tested-and-true portable power provider, and its products guarantee both success and sustainability within the industry. When scaling, innovative solutions and eloquent design are paramount considerations, Kipor delivers on multiple levels, and SWI Distributions promises a fine-tuned selection.

SWI Distribution is proud to provide a variety of quality products, and its extension to Kipor mechanics has both increased its industry growth while providing new territory provisions. A premier OPE industry distributor-shop, SWI Distribution has excelled throughout many service spheres.

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